Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Sooooo sleepy

Reagan slept the entire day today. She was OUT. Slept through medicines, having her vitals checked, diaper/cothing changes, she even continued sleeping when her nurse moved her out of her bed and into the therapy room (so she could change out the sheets on her bed). Ryan seemed to have another good day at school. He is definitely the most delightful child to pick up. He's just grinning from ear to ear and so sweet (probably because he wanted a new pokemon toy), but seriously, so cute. This girl obviously needed some rest today and she got it! Her nurse left at 6pm and she was still fast asleep. I didn't hear a peep out of her and I checked the monitor multiple times and never saw any movement. Then at 7pm, I went in and found her laying there super still and quiet but wide awake! Big eyes. Very calm and sweet. I brought her downstairs where she continued to be super still and laid back, but awake. As it got a little later, she was looking more sleepy again, but never actually fell asleep. Dad carried her upstairs around 10pm and laid down with her and she was out by 10:30. Hoping we all can get some good sleep tonight.

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