Sunday, August 6, 2017

Pretty good

Reagan did not sleep much last night. I kept hearing her talking off and on. She got particularly vocal around 4am so I went in to check on her and found her on top of her covers, completely squirmed out of both her pants and her diaper! Crazy girl! I fixed her up and tucked her back in and when I checked back in on her an hour later, she was asleep! An hour later, I check on her after I got back from my run, she was wide awake again and out of her covers. I tucked her back in again while I took a shower and she was back asleep by the time I got out! Glad to see she's at least getting some sleep! I found Ryan laying in our bed, just legs sticking out of the bottom of our covers, his head completely under the covers mid bed. Reagan's been in a good mood today. A little less smiley. Laughy especially when she has gas. Still lots of hand in mouth and rubbing that little red nose. A little more sensitive to talking today. Not getting upset, but vocal. Still a pretty good day for my girl! (Of course I did slice into my finger with a large super sharp knife, so I was just happy to avoid the emergency room! Thank God for our friend/neighbor that's a nurse practitioner!)

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