Thursday, August 17, 2017

On our own

*Quick thank you to all of those hanging in there for updates. This is certainly the longest I've ever taken to publish a blog post. I usually write them right away, but save the drafts to go back and edit later. Unfortunately this later turned into weeks! Sorry about that. We're all good and unaffected by the Hurricane, just busy.*

So we got the dreaded call at 6am this morning telling us our nurse was not coming in (for two days due to a family medical emergency). Thankfully, it turned out fine. Reagan was in a good mood and I was able to hold down the fort with both kiddos. Reagan has been in a good mood today. Very wide eyed and vocal. Happy to roll around on the floor. Not a whole lot going on today. She did have OT this afternoon and today she was actually awake for it! She had a great session with her OT and we were happy to see her as she's been in Ireland for the last two weeks. Hoping my girl's good mood will continue for tomorrow and over the weekend!

Both kiddos in Christmas pjs today! It's not too soon, right?!?!

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