Thursday, August 24, 2017

Meet the teacher

Reagan was up bright and early this morning. She's been in a good mood for the most part, although there were signs of tension here and there. Her nurse put her in her wheelchair this morning (with her AFOs on) and there was some major teeth grinding going on. She settled down and had a good visit with PT. Ryan had meet the teacher this morning. It all started off well enough. He sat quietly in the cafeteria while we all waiting to follow the teachers back to their rooms. Once in the room, Ryan started on this "are we almost done" kick. He wouldn't stop saying it. The worst part was when he started saying it while the teacher was trying to do a group activity with them. Ugh. Eventually we left the classroom again for a tour of the school/scavenger hunt and he settled down. To say I'm nervous about him starting kindergarten is an understatement. His teacher seems nice though and not at all rattled by his craziness, so hopefully it will go well.

See those white shorts on the bottom right...that's Ryan. The only one laying down! 😣

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