Monday, August 28, 2017

First day of school 2017

My super sleepy girl slept well last night. I did wake up around 5am to find her upside down and at the end of her bed, but she was still asleep! I just turned her around and tucked her back in and she never even cracked her eyes. Ryan slept well too. I had to go wake him up around 6:10am because he needed some time to wake up before school. Of course, he just went and crawled into my bed with Dad at first, but he eventually got up and was a happy boy. I do think I'm more nervous than he is about his first day. I'm really hoping he won't give his new teacher too much of a hard time. Mike and I both took him into school, but we were a little early so there were still a lot of kids/parents coming in as we left. It made me nervous leaving him with still so much going on, but we did. He seemed fine and was only getting clingy the longer we were there. I think he did fine. I didn't get a lot of feedback. Just a thumbs up from his teacher at pick up. Hopefully that means he was good and he keeps the thumbs ups the rest of the week! Reagan was also really great today. She's been sweet and talkative...I just knew she was going to have a great day. She has been coughy, but that didn't hold her back, she's had a jam packed day. Speech first thing this morning, followed by PT, and then her first day of school/vision therapy! Busy, busy, busy! She was a super star and oh so precious in her back to school pics. Love these kiddos!

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