Sunday, August 27, 2017

Better but sleepy

Reagan slept last night in her bed (woohoo) and woke up today feeling SO MUCH BETTER. She's had a very sleepy day today...I don't blame her. With all of the rain hitting us from the hurricane, it's definitely been a dreary couple of days. She slept in this morning but has been super groggy most of the day, dozing off and on the rest of the day. Only awake for short periods, but wide eyed and completely content! Now she's still congested and coughing a lot, but no more gunky nose so that's good. The gunk in her chest does worry me a little. I'll feel a little better tomorrow when we have a nurse that can listen to her and make sure her lungs are clear. Definitely must be related to the fever early last week, just not sure what it is. Some sort of respiratory virus I guess. I've had a sore throat off and on too, so it must be related. Hoping she can recover quickly and everyone else stays healthy. Ryan's got his first day of Kindergarten tomorrow! I'm super nervous, but I think he's excited.

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