Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Asleep then miserable

Reagan slept the entire day today. Slept like a rock last night and continued sleeping hard all day. Her nurse gave her medicines, checked her vitals, and changed diapers without waking her even once! She joked that I we could put a marching band in her room and that wouldn't even wake her up! All of that came to a screeching halt around 5:30pm when her nurse attempted one last diaper change. Reagan woke up crying and would NOT settle down. Mike had mentioned that she was very limp last night when he took her to bed, which is sometimes a sign for impending bad days. God I hope not. She was pretty miserable though. Her nurse gave her medicine but she didn't stop crying until I held her. And wouldn't stay asleep unless I was holding her. Eventually she woke back up and was miserable and crying once more. This time I gave her clonidine (her normal nighttime sleep medicine) and it worked. She fell asleep and I was able to get her comfortable on her mat on the floor. I carefully gave her the rest of her medicines and didn't even attempt a diaper change before bed. Praying she can stay asleep and wake up feeling better in the am. Poor sweet girl. Slept all day to wake up miserable. No fun.

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