Thursday, July 6, 2017

Swim at last

Reagan had another pretty good day today. We had decided yesterday that we were going to try to get her in the pool this morning for the first time! She was in good spirits and seemed up for it. She's a little more tense/vocal today, but good. We put her in one of her many new swimsuits and took her outside to the pool. First we tried out the giant duck! She actually does pretty well it it. It made me a little nervous when she'd roll over to the side, but overall she was pretty stable in there. Then we eased into the pool. It was only 86 degrees (I'd like it closer to 90 for her), but it didn't seem to bother her much after the initial shock. Her brother was a challenge. For some reason, maybe because he's just recently perfected the art of swimming underwater, all he wanted to do is swim under her (like an obstacle). He made me very nervous and I had to keep shoeing him away! Crazy boy. Reagan stayed in the pool 30-45min and then went upstairs and got ready for her bath. Ryan and I swam for a while afterward, so I could give him some much needed individual attention. Afterward we came inside and we gave Reagan a bath. She had PT not long afterward and did OK with that. She's definitely more tense today. Just not as compliant. She did seem to enjoy side stretches though, so that's good. She had a little break and then it was time for OT. She did well with that, but then again she always does well for her Occupational therapist. Overall she's just been a little more sensitive today (to talking, tv and her brother) and a little more tense in her body...but still good. Hoping for continued good days for my girl. I don't like the fact that we're already seeing an increase in tension again. :(

Brother got in big trouble for this! Jumped on the float and then it floated on top of Reagan!
Thankfully I was right there to (yell at him) and pull the float off of her! :/

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