Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Still good...let's go see fish!

Reagan had another good day today. She had both PT and OT and did well with both. Although she's been a little more loosey goosey today, so that's counterproductive for certain things they work on during therapy. After therapy was over, we decided to take advantage of her good mood and take a trip to the Aquarium. Both kiddos enjoyed themselves. Ryan insisted we make two passes through it. He really was thrilled to see the mermaid...she gave him a lizard tatoo! Afterward we came home and squeezed in a quick poo and a bath before the nurse left. Busy day. Reagan had a few sensitive moments today. She got a little vocal/over stimulated at the aquarium so we had to put her noise cancelling head phones on...but she also started crying during her bath! I think it was because we were talking, but who knows. And another thing I noticed...both times I picked her up to carry her up/down the stairs, she got vocal, like something was bothering her (seemed like it might have been her hips). She was fine the rest of the night. We were careful to not talk too much and keep the music on tv to a minimum, so we avoided any more outbursts. A little worried but hoping we can continue with good days for my girl!

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