Wednesday, July 5, 2017

So sweet

Reagan had another great day today. Slept well, woke up vocal and happy. Super sweet. Very smiley. Hands in the mouth a lot and very spitty, but good. She had speech this morning and did great with that and then had PT shortly thereafter. A great day for therapies today. Such a sweet, interactive girl. This afternoon I took Ryan by the aquarium. It was packed with a big tour group (very deceiving...there was no bus so I assumed no tour groups were there). He didn't care though and still had a great time. Need to find a good day/time to bring Reagan. Glad she wasn't there for this trip. Just WAY too crowded today. Note to ahead. No swimming today. If you can believe it...we were just TOO HOT to go back outside! Very hot today. Thinking we might try to get in the pool tomorrow morning with my girl! So many cute bathing little time! Tonight Reagan did have a weird seizure like episode while I was holding her. She was just laying there, dazed with her mouth open for a while and then she turned her head sharply to the left and stiffened out a bit for several seconds and then she snapped out of it. A little different that what we usually see. Not a fan of seeing ANYTHING that resembles a seizure. Not a fan.

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