Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sensitive but surprisingly good

Reagan had a surprisingly good day today. She was so floppy and out of it when she went down last night that we thought we might be headed in the wrong direction (the calm before the storm)! But she's been super sweet and darling today. Still sensitive...she almost lost it when Mike was talking on the phone this morning...but as long as we weren't talking over her (to her was OK), she was fine. We took a drive this afternoon through the hill country in our new car. It was nice. Reagan fits so nicely in this car and it even has a hook on the seat in front of her, perfect for hanging her backpack (pump/formula) on! Reagan dozed off for a bit in the car...unfortunately the cranky boy did not. He's had a bit of an attitude today. Giving us nasty looks, getting frustrated with the tv in the car, etc... After our drive he went with Grandpa and his cousins to their neighborhood pool. He must've been quite the handful, because when Grandpa brought him back he looked a bit disheveled. Ryan wants to swim all over the pool and doesn't really grasp or care to grasp the concept of not swimming in the roped off lap swimming lanes! Ugh. Hoping my girl can get some sleep tonight. As of now she's still wide awake!

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