Saturday, July 29, 2017

Lake afternoon

We all slept well last night and everyone woke up good to go. Reagan was calm and content. Not quite as squirmy today. A little more still. Mike spent most of the morning haggling with car salesman, but finally made it home at 2pm with our new car! Reagan dozed off on the floor right about that time and continued to snooze off and on the rest of the afternoon. At 3pm we left Ryan and his two cousins with a babysitter and Reagan with her nurse, so we could go out on a boat with my stepsister to celebrate her 40th birthday! It was the hottest day of the year topping out at 106, but thankfully on the water it was still comfortable. We had a fun time, everyone (including me) went tubing behind the boat. In my opinion, it's much more fun to watch everyone else than to actually do it myself. When we got home we found both kiddos looking very sleepy! We were all pretty exhausted and tried to get to bed as early as possible. Unfortunately, as I was giving Reagan her last medicine (her seizure medicine...the most important one), I saw that her extension had popped out! I'm not positive when it happened, but I think it happened before I gave her most of her medicine, so that means instead of giving her medicine into her tube, I just shot it all over her in bed! Unfortunately there was no way for me to know for sure, so I couldn't really give her another dose. As it turns out, the whole bed, her clothes, and diaper were all soaked so I had to put a pad under her, change her clothes and diaper before all was said and done. What a mess. Poor girl. She was trying to sleep as I did all of that. Hoping for no more tube drama tonight.

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