Monday, June 26, 2017

Happy girl

Reagan had a good day today. Slept well, woke up happy. Our nurse is out on vacation so we were supposed to have a nurse fill in show. Not surprising. Oh well. I got to spend another day with my girl! (And boy!) Reagan had speech this morning and she did a good job. The rest of the day we just hung out. Ryan had speech at 2, so Grandpa came to the rescue. It was a cloudy day so Reagan and I decided to take a walk. The first half was quite enjoyable with lots of cloud cover. The second half, not so much. The sun came out and we were super hot and sweaty by the time we got home! She was good the whole time though, lots of gas which made me worry a little, but we made it home without any incidents. This girl has certainly been gassy today! On a good note, she's been more laid back today than she's been in days...or over a week. Very easy going. Chewing on her hand a lot and getting super spitty, but not bitey at all. Or tense. Just all around laid back. Hoping for more laid back/happy days this week!

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