Saturday, July 15, 2017

Getting tense

Reagan again didn't sleep much last night. She was pretty restless going down, she eventually settled down and seemed to be OUT, but then I heard her making noises off and on throughout the night. When I got up to run at 6am, she was squealing and laying completely on top of her covers! I tucked her back in and left, but when I got back she was still awake. Wide eyed...very much awake. I'm guessing not much sleep went on last night. Thankfully, she was STILL in good spirits. She's been getting more and more tense over the last few days, I really thought we were in for a bad one today. Don't get me wrong, she's still SUPER tense. Grinding her teeth. Very vocal and kooky. Cramming her hands down her throat nonstop and gagging herself. She's a piece of work. But she's been fairly content, so I'm happy for that. This afternoon she's definitely escalated. She's been very tense. Much more serious (with occasional bursts of kooky laughing). Lots of clenching her jaw and grinding her teeth. Lots of spit and trying NONSTOP to get her hand. She's basically Houdini. She can get out of her arm restraint almost as fast as I can put it on! Very challenging. Her hands are red today (and yesterday) seems like some sort of temperature regulation issue. I have no clue what to think about tomorrow. I'm just really hoping she can sleep tonight. So far she's going on two nights of not much sleep at all. I'm tired for her!

Ryan likes to sit just close enough to get kicked! Reagan is happy to oblige.

A little (a lot of) rain won't keep them out of the pool!

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