Thursday, July 27, 2017

Busy but content

Reagan was a little more restless last night. She was content, but talking off and on throughout the night. This morning we found her once again laying uncovered, sideways in her bed. Not surprising considering how squirmy she was last night! She's been in a great mood today. Very laid back. Talkative, but not kooky or stressed at all. Chewing on her hands a lot (of course). She had speech this morning and did great with it. We did have a little interruption...the DME rep came by to adjust her carseat and the new headrest on her wheelchair. Unfortunately, I had completely forgotten about our appt and my car was in the shop (with Reagan's carseat), but she was still able to make some helpful adjustments to her wheelchair that I think will be helpful. She lowered the headrest a little and moved her left lateral support up to keep her from leaning so much to the left, while tightening the lower right strap. It definitely seemed to straighten her up a little. Hopefully it works! She only had about 30min rest before PT came. She did a lot of stretching and worked on tall kneeling (which she did much better with compared to Tuesday). Again, only about 30min rest before OT. Reagan was really trying to doze off but she perked up just before she got here. She did well with OT and then finally had some time to take it easy! We squeezed in a late afternoon bath and my girl was good to go. A busy, but super content day for my sweet girl!

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