Monday, July 17, 2017


So today (and last night) was brutal. Just AWFUL. My girl has had a terrible horrible no good very very bad day. Crying nonstop. No meds seem to be helping in the least. Her complex care dr even called in some muscle relaxer because he thought maybe she's having muscle spasms causing her pain (very likely)...unfortunately those didn't seem to help her either. The first dose helped the most...for about two hours...but zero help after that. Ugh. It's SO hard to watch her like this. So frustrating for us. And just brutal for her. Thank God for our nurse today. Seriously. I was up and down with her most of the night, so it was good to have some moments today where I could step aside for a breather, because I know we are in for a rough one tonight. Please keep my girl in your prayers. We had big plans for this week and not sure what's going to come of them. I'm not super hopeful for a complete turnaround by tomorrow. :(

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