Friday, July 28, 2017

A new car

Yesterday my car was in the shop and we got some bad news. The A/C needs major service as well as 4 new tires and front and back end alignments! Needless to say, we decided it was time to step up our new car search. We've known for a while that we needed a bigger car for the kids, but we never thought my car would be the first to go! So Mike took the day off and we checked out our options. Ryan hung out with Grandpa and his cousins while Reagan slept in until 1pm! She woke up a little serious but calm. She was slightly sensitive to noises and talking. We looked at a couple of minivans and one slightly larger (but still low to the ground) SUV. We brought by the Chrysler Pacifica (the first minivan we've ever checked out and the frontrunner) and we put Reagan's carseat in and drove around the block with her. It's nice because her carseat has the option to recline, but we've never been able to take advantage of that in our SUV. In this car, we can slightly recline the seat so that she's no longer forced to sit straight up and down. I think this will really work well for her. It also has an entertainment package so both kiddos will have screens in front of them to watch. That will be particularly helpful on long trips. And of course, just more space for everyone! Very exciting! We didn't buy anything today (we took it back), but after talking it over tonight I think it's the winner. We also really liked the new technology in the Honda Odyssey, but pricewise there were no incentives on the new 2018's and it just makes more sense financially to go with the Pacifica (plus the Pacifica has lots of great features too and I prefer the exterior look of the Pacifica to that of the Odyssey). The rest of the day was pretty smooth for my girl and she actually was pretty good tonight. We had to be a little careful at times, but she really has been pretty precious! Not really sleepy though (after sleeping in til 1pm this morning), so she didn't doze off until sometime after 12:30am when I laid down beside her on the floor (and we both fell asleep)! Sweet sweet girl! Mike and I didn't get to bed til almost 2am. Glad I don't have to run in the morning...

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