Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wonderful girl

My girl has had another wonderful day again today. She's been in great spirits. Very vocal and laughy. Super sweet. She only had one therapy today, speech this morning, and while cooperative, she was a bit distracted by gas (hers not her therapist's). Definitely having some tummy issues, but while distracting, they don't seem to be "hurting" her. She actually had two poos on her own today which is awesome. These days she doesn't go much on her own, so it's always good to see her able to get it out by herself. Still pretty gassy. But just so adorable. She's had a great day. Super laid back and happy but still going to town on that hand. Very spitty. Completely soaked both sleeves of her pjs tonight! I had to do a complete outfit change on her before bed! Silly girl.

First happy meal! SO excited about the toy inside!!

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