Saturday, June 10, 2017

Sweet girl

Reagan slept well last night and then just kept sleeping this morning. Or so we thought. I checked on her first thing in the morning, but her eyes were still shut. I kept peeking back at the monitor and she was very still, only moving occasionally and never making a peep. Finally around 10am we went back in to check on her and she was just laying there wide awake! Totally still and quiet, but wide awake. Silly girl. Who knows how long she had been laying there. Usually she doesn't hesitate to let us know, giving us a very loud vocalization letting us know "I'm awake! Come and get me!!!" She woke up much less serious today. Smiling from the get go. Still very quiet, but no shortage of smiles today. She's been pretty precious. Very cuddly and sweet. She's dozed back off a few times today...once when I put some warm laundry on top of her! Sweet girl.

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