Friday, June 23, 2017

So sleepy

Reagan slept most of the day today. She slept like a rock last night. Mike could just tell when he took her upstairs...she was OUT. She slept all morning through diaper changes and everything. She finally woke up this afternoon when we had to move her so we could change out her bed sheets. She seemed OK when she first woke up, but quickly became very agitated and started crying. Thankfully it was very short lived and she eventually dozed back off. And then slept the rest of the afternoon/night. She never woke up again. We moved her back to her bed tonight without even a crack of her eye. Sweet girl. She needed some deep sleep! Hoping this means she'll wake well rested and happy tomorrow!

My timehop today! Cute Grandpa pics from 6yrs ago. My tiny girl!

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