Friday, June 16, 2017

Sleeping the bad away

Reagan was OUT last night when we finally got her to bed. I thought she'd sleep the whole night through. I was wrong. It all started around midnight, when Ryan woke up crying and then ended up in bed with us. He must've been having a bad dream or something because it took him a while to finally calm down and go back to sleep. And then Reagan started fussing. I went in and found her sideways in bed. I straightened her out and put her back under her covers and she fell back to sleep. She woke back up an hour or so later fussing once again. Again I was able to just tuck her back in and she went back to sleep. Then around 5:30am or so she woke up again and was upset. This time requiring medication to help ease whatever it was bothering her. And from then on she was out. She slept the entire day. Through diaper changes. Through her nurse's assessment. Through everything. All day long. She didn't wake up until right around 7:30pm. Her pump had run out and was beeping. I went in and got her bag/pump, she was still out. She needed a little more formula added to it so I made up some more and then took it back upstairs to hook her up...and she was awake! She was SO tense. Crunched up into a ball and rolling back and forth (hands completely tangled up in her hair). Eyes very zoned out but wide open. I brought her downstairs and it did not get better. She was super sensitive. To light, to noises, to me even touching her. I held her on my lap but she would just go back and forth from stiffening out like a board, to crunching back up into a ball and whacking me in the face with her arms. She was trembling with the constant tension in her body. I finally gave up fighting with her and laid her down on the floor but she just got worse. I eventually had to give her something and she was finally able to relax and fall back asleep. I guess we're lucky she was able to sleep the day away today because she's obviously still not feeling well and definitely uncomfortable when awake. Poor girl. Still very neurologically off today. Hoping she can sleep it off tonight and wake up tomorrow and have a good Father's Day weekend. Please keep her in your prayers!

This was Reagan hence the bow and long hair!

Working on letters and tracing.

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