Friday, June 2, 2017


Reagan had a bit of a tense day today. It started off ok. She slept well and woke up in a decent mood. But she was sensitive. Thankfully no therapies, so she was able to just take it easy. Grandma came in today and both kiddos were definitely happy to see her. Today was Ryan's first day out of school so Grandpa came over and went swimming with him. I was busy making a cake for my neighbor's daughter's graduation, so it was nice to have some extra help to keep him entertained. Tonight he and Mike went to a minor league baseball game, while Grandma and I worked on the cake. Reagan's nurse stayed until 10pm so we could continue working on the cake (but truth be told we were up until 2:30am working on it). Reagan continued to get more and more sensitive as the day went on and her nurse had to eventually give her some oxycodone. She was pretty gassy so it's possible it's tummy related. Hoping she can settle down and get a decent night's sleep tonight. Sweet girl.

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