Thursday, June 22, 2017

Low tone and easy going

Ryan had his last day of camp today. He really seemed to enjoy it and his reports got better and better each day. This morning when I got back home after dropping him off, my phone alerted me I had one hour until Reagan's 6mo check up with her special needs pediatrician. Oops. Almost forgot. It was a looooong appointment and we went over every detail of the last several months. Specialists she's seen, issues she's been having, etc... A big focus was the bad days she's been having lately. He drafted an email to all of her specialists to try to come up with a better plan for managing her pain during these episodes. Hopefully they are able to put their heads together and come up with something. I mean, she's only been dealing with these for 7 yrs now. They also drew labs to check blood counts, vit D, seizure med levels, just about everything. Reagan was a pro, as always. We finally got out of there nearly two hours later...and then had to really rush to go pick up Ryan! Reagan had OT this afternoon and did well with that, while Ryan had swimming lessons out in the scorching sun! I honestly felt like I had heat exhaustion today after getting home from his swim lesson. It's just so scorching hot outside! And my 114 degrees when we got back into it! That definitely didn't help! I ended up with a major headache that lasted the rest of the night! Reagan took a little nap after OT and then woke up still super spitty. She has been very spitty all day today. Dripping like a faucet on our way to the drs appt and then requiring lots of wiping this afternoon/tonight. She has been a lot more relaxed and easy going than I've seen in a while, so maybe that's why. Hoping that means she's headed for a happy/relaxed weekend.

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