Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Less tone, more spit

Reagan slept last night and woke up early this morning. She's been pretty tense/serious again today, but stable. She did bite her hand again during speech. This time not nearly as bad as the time before (superficial instead of deep), but it's still red and we're trying to keep it out of her mouth so it can heal. She's had an OK day today. Still not back to her easy going self, but way better than the weekend that's for sure. This afternoon/tonight we noticed she was a little spitty/gaggy. Making weird mouth movements trying to hold the spit in her mouth. I'm not sure if it's actual nausea or more related to tone. She seems to have had a decrease in tone so that's definitely a possibility. Hoping that goes away and everything is improved by tomorrow. It's about time for some smiles for my girl!

Waiting to model! Can't wait to see these pictures! He was REALLY hamming it up!

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