Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Darling girl

Reagan had a great day today. She woke up bright and early (she was awake and talking when I got up at 5am) but dozed back off, sleeping until right around 8am. She's been super sweet and smiley all day today. Very vocal and laughing off and on. Super darling. A great day for therapies. She had PT this morning and did awesome with weight bearing in her legs! So proud of her because this is an area she has a lot of trouble with. When she was little, she had so much tone in her legs she could stand up with assistance no problem. Once her seizures were controlled at 3yo, she lost all of that tone and has had permanent jelly legs ever since, so it's very promising to see her working at it and making progress now! Her teacher came this afternoon (she gets extended school year) and worked with her too. We figured we'd better take advantage of this great mood she's been in! She had a good session with her as well. An all around great day for my wonderful girl! Such a darling.

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