Saturday, June 17, 2017

Bad day

Reagan slept well last night and then woke up this morning still super stressed. I was really hoping she'd wake up feeling much improved, but not yet. Not even close. She's been super tense and super crunchy. Still very neurologically off. Fussing and biting and grinding her teeth. Today is without a doubt a bad day. She's miserable. The only time she's calm/comfortable is when she's sleeping. And unfortunately today she's not sleeping on her own at all. Only with the help of medication. And even the medication is only helping her sleep maybe 2hrs at a time before it wears off and she's miserable again. We're having to stagger her doses to try to give her some coverage. Poor sweet girl. Hoping this is over quickly. I hate seeing her in pain and so zoned out (she was zoned out long before the medication). As we've learned over the last 7yrs of these cycles...there's really not much we can do except try to make her comfortable until her body snaps out of it. It sucks. For everyone. Thankfully Ryan and Daddy got out for a few hours this morning and went to a special needs event at a local pool. We were really hoping we'd be able to take Reagan, if at least just for some time out and in the sunshine, but that was a no go. I stayed home with my girl and Mike took Ryan to frolic for a while! He looked to have had a blast. Playing on the splashpad, sliding down the slide, and jumping off the high dive! I think he had a good time. Hoping for a better day tomorrow for my girl...for us all!!

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