Sunday, June 18, 2017

Another rough one

Last night was rough. My girl kept waking up crying...we just couldn't seem to get her comfortable. She slept for stretches, but it was short lived. And that basically sums up her day today. She's been OK for short stretches but miserable most of the time. Lots of tooth grinding, lip smacking, biting, and flailing. Calms down or falls asleep momentarily when I hold her, but the second I try to move or lay her down, she wakes back up and gets upset. Ugh. I'm not sure what to do. Tonight the only place she seems semi comfortable is in her chair. In her tomato chair and with her arm restraint on and she finally fell asleep. Praying she stays that way, but who knows.

Happy Fathers Day to Mike! This is Ryan's idea of letting him sleep in! ;)

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