Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Vocal but good

Reagan was VERY restless last night. It didn't seem like she was even going to sleep, but she wiggled her way half way down her bed and then fell asleep. I had to cover her with a new blanket two times as she kept moving down her bed. At one point her pump started beeping and I found her extension had popped out. Thankfully it alarmed (no idea why), because that is the only reason I found out it had come out. I put it back in and started her back up again. I didn't feel anything wet, so I presumed that I caught it pretty quickly. Ryan also ended up in our bed at 2am, so needless to say, no one got much sleep last night! We were all dragging this morning. Reagan had a pretty good day today though. She had PT this morning and did well with that. She was practicing sitting to stand and bearing weight through her legs. I came in a watched for a while, but she waited until I left to really turn it on. Afterward she had OT. She was vocal but good. She got super sleepy just after OT and dozed off, sleeping right through her normal school time. She woke up about an hour later. She's been pretty vocal today and tonight that was starting to intensify. She was definitely starting to get more stressed. So just before 9, her nurse gave her clonidine. Eventually she was able to doze off and I moved her to bed. Hoping for a more restful night's sleep tonight!

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