Sunday, May 7, 2017

Tense but successful run

Reagan was very restless last night. I did not have high hopes for the race today. She woke up tense but ok. We loaded everyone up and headed to the highschool. There were several teams of runners running with Ainsley's Angels at this race. No surprise, Reagan got increasingly tense as we got closer to the speakers. Thankfully we didn't have to wait long and then we were off! It was SO sunny (I'm used to running in the dark) that and the fact that we were pushing made it extra tough. Reagan was good though so we pushed on. We actually finished in pretty good time. Reagan took it easy the rest of the day. She was still pretty tense and that was evident in her holding. No pee all morning. Finally at 2pm, her nurse came over to cath her. She had been holding 14-16hrs at the point and we got 625mls of urine. That's A LOT. Poor girl. On a good note, tonight she finally went on her own. That's a relief. Hopefully no more cathing. Praying she wakes up less tense tomorrow (and peeing on her own).

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