Saturday, May 13, 2017

Swimming Saturday

Guess who ended up in our bed again last night? Ryan! What the heck? This sleeping in mom/dad's bed is for the birds! Ever since he got sick he's been pulling that. Not sure how to break that bad habit. Reagan slept well but was up and vocal by 7:30am. She was happy, so that was great. She's been a lot more laid back today. Always trying to escape from that restraint. Sweet girl! I can't believe she's had to wear it the entire week. Her finger is finally healing, but she definitely did a number on it. Hopefully another day or so and we can turn her loose. I just don't want her re-injuring it right now while the skin is still thin. Ryan got a much needed haircut this morning and then went swimming this afternoon with Grandpa. Reagan and I sat outside and watched them. The pool is warming up but is not quite warm enough for my girl just yet. It's still very cold when you first get in, although Ryan doesn't seem to care. He's been in it every single day. He's quite the fish.

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