Saturday, May 6, 2017

Super sensitive

Everyone slept well last night. Reagan was up by 7am, vocalizing and kicking around in bed. We brought her downstairs and her brother continued to snooze. She's been in a good mood today but very sensitive. Sensitive to light. Sensitive to, lawnmowers/weedeaters, us talking, and running water (that's a new one that was really agitating her today). She's been super crunchy. Hands in her mouth or hair at all times. So crunchy that her tomato chair really wasn't a good option today. She spent the majority of the day on the floor rolling around on her mat! She's been pretty content for the most part though. Tonight her cheeks were red and flushed but her temp was fine. Ryan and Daddy went to cousin Raine's bday party today. Ryan had a blast swimming and playing with his cousins. Reagan stayed home with me and Grandma...she would've never tolerated the noises of a kids bday party today! Hoping and praying she mellows out by tomorrow so we can still do our 5k in the morning! My allergies have been killing me all day (since last night) so hopefully I can breathe during our run. I did finally get a giant splinter out of my foot that's been bothering me all week so that should help.

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