Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sleeping and holding

Reagan slept well last night and then just kept sleeping today...the ENTIRE day! Her nurse finally moved her out of bed this morning to help her pee (she's holding) but she never even attempted to wake up! She just been snoozing the day away! She must need it though. She did finally wake up at 9pm tonight. She was sweet and content but still very yawny and she only stayed awake about an hour or so before falling right back to sleep. Sweet girl. She never peed on her own today, only with the help of warm water, but at least we didn't have to cath her. It's strange to see her holding on a day when she's so relaxed (and sleeping) all day. Not sure what causes her to hold the way she does, but just glad she went without having to be cathed! Hoping for a happy awake girl tomorrow!

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