Saturday, May 20, 2017

Quiet girl

Reagan slept well last night (better than her brother anyway...there was a storm that blew through and he ended up in our bed around 4am). Reagan woke up very calm and content. Such a sweetie. We spent a few hours together this morning just the two of us while Daddy and Ryan slept in! She's been very still and relaxed today. Still into her hand, but other than that, super relaxed. She was looking very sleepy this morning and dozed off and on. She was just so quiet all day. Her nurse worked tonight so Mike and I could go to a neighborhood poker night and she said that once Ryan went to bed, Reagan decided to get vocal for the first time today! Silly girl. When we got home she was pretty quiet again and looked like she might doze off. But she persisted, not falling asleep for good until Daddy laid down with her. Sweet girl. Hoping we all get some good sleep tonight.

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