Thursday, May 25, 2017

Good day, tense night

Reagan had a much better day today. She slept well last night and woke up feeling a little less on edge. She had PT this morning and rocked it! She was working on sit to stand and she was actually pushing up through her legs! She did seem a little sensitive on her right foot and kept picking it up. Not really sure what that's about. It's usually her left side (that's tighter) that gives her trouble. She still had a great session though. She had a little break and then had OT. She did really well for OT as well. Her teacher came this afternoon and she had a great session with her too. This was her last class of the school year so I'm glad it ended on a high note (of course she only has one week off and then she starts extended school her teacher will still come out once a week). Grandpa came over this afternoon to swim with Ryan. We inflated the new blow up I bought...derby duck. It holds up to 300lbs and multiple people. I thought it would be great for Ryan and something stable enough that we could put Reagan on it to float around the pool. It's pretty giant! We may need a bigger pool! Reagan had such a good day with her therapies, but as the night wore on, she became more and more tense. She wouldn't tolerate the floor at all. When we tried to move her out of her tomato chair and onto the floor, she'd immediately start fussing. And getting her to bed? It was a total disaster. She was miserable. Mike finally moved her to her tomato chair and she instantly fell asleep! So crazy. Sometimes she just does NOT want to lay down. This was one of those nights. Hoping she stays asleep!

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