Saturday, May 27, 2017

Good but crunchy

Ryan ended up in our bed at 4:45am after a trip to the potty. This boy. When is his tummy going to be normal again?? Reagan slept well last night and we all actually slept in this morning. I heard Reagan vocalizing around 9:30am and I got up. Ryan and Mike continued to snooze. Reagan was vocal and sweet. She's had a good day today. Still super tense in her body. Very "crunchy" and putting her hands in her mouth so much her face/hands are constantly wet! I've been toweling her off all day today to no avail. Ryan went swimming this afternoon with our neighbors. They were loving the new duck float! I was just praying they wouldn't pop it on only its second day in the pool! They all had a blast. Hoping for another good but little less tense day tomorrow for my girl.

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