Thursday, May 11, 2017

Darling girl

Reagan has been super darling today. She dozed off before PT, but woke up just before she got here and ended up having a pretty good session. No OT today as her therapist thinks she's coming down with something! We've had a few people out this week with the sickies...must be something going around. This afternoon her nurse Latasha came by for a visit. She's moving back to Florida and leaves tomorrow so she wanted to come by and see Reagan before leaving. Reagan was in a darling mood and very happy to see her!! Reagan has been quite the sweetie today, but she did doze off again just in time for school. She slept until 5pm or so and has been awake and adorable the rest of the night. A little vocal...demanding our attention...but that's OK. This girl, she gets what she wants!

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