Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Cardiology follow up

Reagan had her cardiology appointment first thing this morning. Not a huge fan of early morning doctors appts, getting stuck in traffic, having to figure out a way for her brother to get to school, having to do meds in the car, etc...but this was a followup appt after the irregular EKG in Houston, so we took what we could get. They first did an EKG and then an echo. Whenever they decide to go ahead a do the echo (especially after taking longer than normal to do the EKG), it makes me a little nervous! Thankfully they both came back normal! Reagan was in a great mood today. After we got home from her appt, we went out onto the back porch for a while. It was an overcast day so it wasn't as sunny/hot as it's been lately. We pushed her in the swing and she started to doze! Sweet girl. We stayed outside until it was time for me to go get her brother, then I took her upstairs where she proceeded to snooze even more! No school for this sleepy girl today!

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