Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Calm and content and a bit nauseous

Reagan slept well last night and woke up calm and content. She was very relaxed all morning. She spent some time in her stander before PT and did well with that. After changing her knee supports out a few weeks ago, her knees look a lot better after standing (before they were getting SO red)! Now her feet were purple when we took her AFOs off, but that's more an issue of circulation. Maybe a hint of dysautonomia? We've also noticed some nausea today. Especially when she's laying down, but other times as well. Often times when she's lower tone like she is today, she has a problem controlling her secretions and she becomes chokey. Today she seems a little more gaggy than chokey, so not sure what that's about. She's definitely been on the serious side. She was a little more talkative this morning, and a little more quiet/serious this afternoon. It was a busy day though because after noon she had PT, OT, and school/speech! Her OT actually said despite the lower tone, Reagan was able to sit unassisted for a bit by herself. She did well during school too, and even with them having technical difficulties with her computer for a while, she was patient. She's had a pretty good day overall, better if it weren't for the nausea. Tonight she was still very calm and content (almost sleepy). She kept rubbing at her eyes (with her left hand at her right eye). Not sure if there was something in it or just a weird tick sort of thing she kept doing. I was afraid she was going to put her eye out so I eventually put an arm restraint on her but she wasn't a huge fan. Ryan was FINALLY back to school today. He seemed a little quiet and not his normal crazy self even when I picked him up from school, but he got a second wind this afternoon when I let him go swimming. The pool is really too cold to swim in, but he doesn't mind. He loves it! Hoping everyone gets a good night's sleep tonight!

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