Thursday, May 18, 2017

Busy girl

Reagan has had a busy day today. She had PT at noon, followed by OT, and then school! She fell asleep only moments before PT, but woke up while her therapist was stretching her and actually had a good session. One weird thing, she seemed super relaxed and loosey goosey before PT and then after PT she was very crunchy and tense! Very odd. We weren't sure if she was just peeved about being woken up or if maybe something with the stretching made her uncomfortable. Hard to tell. Her OT came an hour or so later and worked with her trying to loosen her back up and it worked. Whatever it was seemed to get better by the end of OT. Then she had a late session of school, and did well with that too. Still lots of hands in the mouth again today...needing constant redirection to try to keep them out. This girl! A constant battle with these hands!

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