Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A visit from Megan

Reagan slept in again this morning. Woke up just after 10am, but was a little serious so speech was a no go. She loosened up after a bit and was quite smiley and sweet. She got a little sleepy again and took a little nap before noon, but was back awake by 12:30pm when her favorite nurse Megan came for a visit (with baby)! Reagan was super smiley and happy to see Megan...a little less thrilled about baby Hayes! Babies make lots of noises...noises that resemble the bird house at the aquarium (NOT Reagan's favorite). She managed to hold it together and everyone got along. She even allowed him to play with her favorite snake! This afternoon she was still a little groggy. Not really into anything, just content to lay on the floor cuddling her snake. Tonight was about the same. She was pretty precious though.

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