Thursday, May 4, 2017

A nice surprise

I'm not sure how much Reagan slept last night. I had to give her clonidine to get her to finally doze off but by the time I made it to bed, she was already moving around and making some noises. She was content though, so I was able to fall asleep. Then I woke up to Ryan. Mama! Mama! I assumed it was around 6am, so I told him he could just come to my bed. It was 2am! Ugh. This kid. Ever since he was sick (for two weeks in a row), he's been wanting to come to "mama's bed". Which is fine, if it's 6 or 7 or 8. But not 2! Reagan had a good day today. She's was a little sleepy at times (I'm guessing she didn't get a ton of sleep last night), but she was oh so precious. She had PT and OT today and did really great with both. She dozed off in between and we weren't sure if she was going to wake up in time for OT, but she did, unfortunately in tears! She thankfully settled down and was fine the rest of the day. Not sure what that was about. This afternoon we were all surprised by a visit from Grandma. We haven't seen her since the birthday party. She fell at work and has been injured ever since. Hoping she gets better soon because we sure have missed her! The kids were both super happy to see her. We had a night nurse tonight and she did tell me she saw Reagan have a small seizure at 9:50pm tonight. Head turn sharply to the left lasting 15 sec or so. Ugh. Hate seizures. No other signs of anything. Hoping that's it.


charity said...

hopefully reagan doesnt have anymore seizures. did you get the results for the eeg yet? we're currently trying to get a longer eeg scheduled for my daughter

Reagan Leigh said...

Yes, during the EEG they did not see any actual seizures (which I'm not surprised...I only saw one thing that was questionable). There were some abnormal discharges, but I'm not sure of the exact terminology as I still haven't gotten an actual report.
We never do the hour long EEGs anymore. Only when she was a baby. Always 24-72hr EEGs now.