Monday, May 22, 2017

A bit spunky

Reagan slept well and woke up a spunky girl this morning. Very crunchy and tense in her body, but super smiley and sweet. A little kooky. No therapy today. Her speech therapist was out sick and there's no school today either (it was a bad weather make up day that they didn't need to use). She took a nice little two hour nap this afternoon, so at least someone took advantage of the down time. Ryan was home all day too (no school). This picture of him cracks me up. Watching Curious George Christmas Monkey movie, singing jingle bells, and wearing a Santa hat! This is definitely my son! I LOVE Christmas...any time of the year! He's been having some tummy upset the last couple of days so I guess it's good that he has an extra day off before going back to school. Hopefully he's feeling better tomorrow, I'd hate for him to miss any more school right here at the end.

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