Sunday, May 21, 2017

A bit sleepy

Reagan was such a little doll today. We were all dragging a bit because her brother ended up in our bed again last night (and then got up multiple times to poo)! Ugh. It's been a dreary weekend and today wasn't much different. It actually feels a little better outside because it's not nearly as hot and humid as it's been, but it's also been very cloudy looking more like fall than summer! All of these clouds and rain just makes me feel very lazy. So we've had a bit of a lazy weekend around here. No swimming today as it's a bit too cold with the lack of sun. Reagan has been super sweet and adorable all day today. She dozed off for several hours this afternoon and took the nap that I so desperately wanted to take. Ryan never naps though, he just goes nonstop, so no chance of that. Reagan slept like a rock though and nothing, not even her crazy brother, could wake her! When she woke back up tonight, she was just as adorable as ever! So precious and wonderful. Cuddly. Ohhhhh I love this girl.

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