Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A birthday party

It was rough last night. Getting her to sleep was quite tricky. Mike had laid down with her but the teeth grinding was out of control and she was so stressed. Finally he put his finger between her molars and she stopped. She'd try to bite down (gently) but when she realized she couldn't, she stopped...and then fell asleep! Whew! Thankfully she slept through the night. She did wake up still very crunchy and tense this morning, but calm. She was holding her pee this morning but her nurse was able to get her to go with water. We weren't sure how speech was going to go this morning, but she actually had a great session. She also had school this afternoon and did really well with that too. This afternoon we went to her little friend Carley's bday party at Jumpstreet. I was nervous about my girl because she was nearly in tears just putting her into the car to go. I actually jumped out of the car and put her noise cancelling headphones on her and I think that helped. It was very noisy at Jumpstreet. Lots of music, people talking over the intercom, kids...but she held it together. She even managed some kooky smiles! Several of the girls there already "knew" Reagan (kids in Reagan's class) and they came up and told her hi. It was sweet. There really wasn't anything for Reagan to do there, but seemed content to just sit back and watch. Ryan had a blast. Amazingly Reagan was in good spirits the whole time. SO glad we were able to go. We came home and twice Reagan started crying...both times when she peed! Not sure what that was about, but I sure hope it's not another UTI. Thankfully she calmed down pretty quickly each time. She was super sensitive tonight in her eyes. The A/C was blowing on her and she kept flinching. Her nurse mentioned before she left that there were a couple of times she noticed her staring off but it only lasted seconds and didn't appear to be a seizure. Maybe just a little neurologically off. Hoping for a less stressful day tomorrow for my girl. She dozed off peacefully tonight so that's a start!

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