Thursday, April 20, 2017


Reagan woke up tense this morning and laying completely sideways in her bed. I'm not sure how well she slept but it had to be better than us. Ryan woke at 2am crying and burning up. He won't take any medicine so we had to put him in the tub to try to bring his temp down. Then we brought him back to our bed. BIG mistake. This kid is impossible to sleep with. He was all over the bed. Of course, he decides to finally sleep hard after 8. Reagan woke up super crunchy and grinding her teeth, but settled down as the day went on. She had PT and OT this afternoon and did well with both. During OT the DME lady came out and trialed some different headrests with her new wheelchair. I think we found a winner. Despite being crunchy and high tone today, she looked pretty good sitting up in her wheelchair. It's amazing how much her head control has improved over the last several years. Tonight I kept her upstairs to prevent exposure to her brother's germs. I took him to the dr this morning since he was still running a fever and minutes before we had to leave, he projectile vomited all over the kitchen! He's negative for strep and flu so that's good. He's continued to run a fever all day again today. We were able to bring it down tonight with a swim in the cold pool. He enjoyed himself and his fever came down to 99, the lowest it's been in days. Reagan peed without needing to be cathed again today, so that's good. She still needed help going  (with warm water), but at least she went! Tonight after I helped her go, she stiffened her legs out and then turned her head to the right. Ugh. Darn seizures. This puberty thing sucks. Hoping everyone can get some sleep tonight.

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