Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tense and holding

Reagan slept well last night and woke up calm and content this morning. Definitely more tense in her body and not quite as smiley (but still little smiles). She didn't have a wet diaper but her nurse was eventually able to get her to go using warm water. She had speech this morning. Therapy was a little more challenging today with her so crunchy. She was also playing possum, acting like she was falling asleep. It worked, her therapist left a little early and then Reagan perked right back up. There was obviously some potential for sleepiness because she dozed off even after getting an enema. Of course she didn't poo. Ugh. This girl. She has not been going much lately. I'm afraid things are going to start backing up in there. She had one more wet diaper with help but then would not go at all this afternoon. Her nurse finally had to cath her at 6pm before leaving because we just couldn't get her to go and were afraid she might continue holding all night. We got some out but not much. At least we were able to give her some relief. Hopefully by tomorrow she'll be going on her own again. It's been quite a while since we've actually had to cath her, I was hoping we could avoid that. Poor Ryan has been running a fever all day today. He's been pretty miserable. A warm bath helped to bring down his temp a little, but he's really resisting taking any meds. When I try to sneak them in, he somehow senses it and gags! Ugh. It's been a long day. Hoping he sleeps tonight.

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