Monday, April 10, 2017

Still a bit sleepy

Reagan and Ryan both slept in a little this morning until right around 8:30am. Reagan woke up sweet and smiley. She had speech this morning and she did really well with that. But not long after speech, she dozed off and was out cold. She slept hard. And was still fast asleep at 2:30pm when I started trying to wake her. She had already slept through one diaper change, but she needed to take care of some business before her teacher/speech teacher came at 3:30pm (as she has been having stinky gas since yesterday). I eventually had to help her go, but then she was wide awake and ready for the teacher when she got here. Her speech teacher did tell me that she very clearly answered yes (with a head nod) to correctly identify the color red! No surprise she'd know's a color they've been using with her forever since it's one of the two preferred colors for kids with cortical visual impairment (the other is yellow). Anyway, it was another great session for my girl. Afterward we gave her a bath and she was good to go. She did doze off for a bit again tonight, but woke up just before bedtime! ;) She fell back asleep fairly easily so hopefully she stays that way. She's been sleeping a lot during the day the last couple of days, so we'll see!
I guess 3yrs ago was a sleepy day too! 

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