Sunday, April 23, 2017

So so much better

Reagan slept off and on last night. She woke up a few times fussing and chokey but went back to sleep fairly easily. Around 4am she woke up and Mike got up with her and she was precious. Not nauseous at all. And when she woke up for good...all was good. She was smiley. No more nausea. Just as I have no idea what caused it, I also have no idea what made it go away. I'm just SO glad it's gone and my girl seems to be in such great spirits! Reagan has been super precious today. Very talkative and oh so smiley and sweet. I ended up taking her leads off around noon today. Several leads had already come off. She may have had an "event" this morning around 10:15am. I was holding her but her arm went out and her head turned sharply to the left but I couldn't really see her eyes to know for sure. It only lasted 15sec or so and then she turned back the other way. I hit the button, so I guess we'll find out. My only concern is whether or not the leads were working properly when it happened. We'll see. She had lots of wet diapers today but I did have to help her have a poo (she still wouldn't go on her own, even after an enema). Poor girl. It's been a while. I did drain her tummy one more time today and got some very yellow bile out. Not sure what's going on with that tummy. I noticed some redness around her button tonight when I gave her a bath. Definitely think it was a reaction to some leaked bile. Poor thing. Can't catch a break. All day she was very laid back and happy. Tonight she got a little more vocal and getting her to sleep was quite the task. It wasn't until 1am or so that she finally dozed off. Not super confident in sleep tonight.

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