Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sensitive and sleepy

Only one therapy today, speech, but Reagan did well with it. A little while later her nurse attempted to bring out the PODD book to talk to her with it, and Reagan freaked out and started crying! Of course, she did the exact same thing when she tried to read to her. I think she may just be a bit sensitive to stimulation today. She did doze off a while later and then slept for a while. Sensitive and sleepy. She seems a little better tonight so hopefully she'll be good. Ryan ended up coming home from school after only an hour or so...diarrhea. Haven't seen a sign of it since, and he seems perfectly fine, but the soonest he can go back is Friday. To top it off, tonight he fell asleep early and spiked a high fever! What the heck?!?! No sickies!!!

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