Sunday, April 16, 2017

Not so happy Easter

Reagan slept in again this morning, not waking until 11am. She woke up wide eyed, but calm. That didn't last long. Thankfully the tears today were not as frequent. She cried but it was more off and on, instead of nonstop. Not exactly the happy Easter we were hoping for but I guess it could have definitely been worse. Ryan enjoyed his Easter basket, especially the "yucky shopkins" (grossery gang). He also had a blast hunting Easter eggs...especially when he realized there were flipazoos inside. Then we had a Facetime call with the Easter bunny (Grandma), which both kiddos enjoyed. No smiles from Reagan, but she stopped crying just to watch the bunny. As the afternoon went on, she seemed to improve. Still getting agitated when Mommy talks, but calm otherwise. We are even getting some laughs, slightly pathetic laughs, but laughs nonetheless.And a HUGE smile right before bed. Hoping we're done with the bad.

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